The magic of science

The magic of science

General Description

Our era now is the true age of science. The magic of science is at its peak in this era. Science has evolved rapidly by leaps and bounds. It has completely changed the man and brought an extraordinary revolution in our lives. Science and technology have changed men and their lifestyles. He has changed the face of the earth. Humans have found great discoveries and discoveries that are far through science. Science has blessed humans with these instruments and has received the name and respect of science.

The aim of the miracle of science.

The wonders of science are too many to count, however, some of them are worth mentioning here. The entire growth and progress of science is actually a broad subject. Some of the well-known wonders of science, which provide direct good changes in human life will be discussed in the paragraph successfully.

The magic of science in the medical sector

In the field of health and hygiene, science has created many miracles. Penicillin, Streptomycin and other drugs have been proven to be miraculous drugs. These drugs have increased human life span. Plastic surgery is another important miracle of science that can turn an ugly woman into a beauty queen.

The magic of science in the communication sector

The magic of science can also be seen in the field of communication. The progress of science is amazing in this field. Inventions such as electric trains, Aero-aircraft and ships are some of the famous miracles. This extraordinary discovery has transformed this great world into a beautiful, full of all comforts / luxury and a well-connected village. We can easily visit many cities in the world in one day. Science and technology have minimized distance and brought us closer to each other.

The magic of science in the atomic energy sector

Atomic energy is another beautiful blessing of modern science. This fulfills human needs in the energy sector and doubles their efficiency in producing energy. The atomic sector is the most powerful source of any other energy source. It can run factories, factories and large industrial and technological establishments / installations. We can use atomic explosions in leveling mountains and digging canals. In addition, we can also use this explosion to raise water from glaciers.

The magic of science in the agricultural sector

Science has glorified machines and machines and increased efficiency. Although, revolution in the mechanical sector has brought us to unemployment and the danger of environmental pollution. However, that is also the solution to this problem. For example, the use of tractors, agricultural instruments, chemicals and insecticides has increased flat output in the agricultural sector. By applying scientific methods in agriculture, agricultural output has increased.


Overall, the wonders of science are countless. Science has taught us to fly like birds in the air and swim like fish in water. This has fulfilled our desires and desires. Science has given us comfort and facilities such as telephones for fast communication with each other and television for awareness. This has also facilitated us in the form of fans, computers, air conditioners, cars and buildings. The difference between summer and winter can be ignored because of the magic of science. Science can be used to alleviate poverty, increase production on farms and factories and for other constructive purposes. The marvel of science has made all these facilities possible. So, we must try our best to improve our abilities in all sectors of science for a bright future and for the next generation.